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Watch as Paul Baron, the creator of Chat Marketing University, walks you through installation and how to get the most out of your new templates.

Here Are Just a Few of the Success Stories from Chat Marketing University Students...

Trevor Graves
Rachael Namoff
JC Spangler
Eduardo Llaurdo
Kevin Mallory 8-Figure Amazon Seller
Eric Lee

"Funnel works like a charm."

“Hoooooowwwwdy hoooo!!!! Funnel works like a charm 😉 I set it up for three SKUs and on one of the SKUs, in the first 24 hours, we got 8 reviews on the SKU and then 2 reviews on other SKUs (because the people contacted were so happy with us they just went and reviewed our other stuff too!)”

"'s awesome. Over 10 new subscribers since yesterday."

“Getting subscribers with the 'travel' sequence and it's awesome. Over 10 new subscribers since yesterday. Working on REF URL AND JSON sequences. Waiting on graphics for an awesome looking 'ebook' the visuals really matter. This training is awesome. Thanks guys.”

"...we already have 111 subscribers..."

“Our first bot went live with a boosted post on the 7 days ago and we already have 111 subscribers as of this post!”

"Very easy to follow sequence!"

“Just completed module #1!! Very easy to follow sequence! I've used ManyChat before but it was too confusing using the platform. Probably Lesson #6, I'm going to re-watch and grind some ideas in order to use this to promote my PL and Merch by Amazon business!! Thank you.”

"...put us well ahead of where we could have started on our own."

"I had heard of bots, we weren’t using them. What was important to me is the psychology in the wording of the flows that you use. You had already done months of research into what works. That put us well ahead of where we could have started on our own."

"...already have 4 subscribers!"

“So I just wanted to share with you guys that I'm implementing the bot in another of my businesses not related to ecommerce (restaurant). I just have the comments automated sequence activated (module 1), and I already have 4 subscribers!? How is that possible!?! It's an awesome feeling that you already have subscribers when the bot is not even close to be ready, imagine when you can be able to fully implement the bot!”

If you're ready to get more reviews, to launch with more certainty, and to confidently use chat marketing to get ahead of the curve, check out Chat Marketing University, built by ManyChat expert and 7-figure Amazon seller, Paul Baron.

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