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Launch, Rank, & Scale Your eComm Business Using The Proven Power of Chat Marketing

We teach you how to gain subscribers, launch and rank products, and get reviews on those products (all within Amazon's Terms of Service).

Here's What Other Sellers Have to Say...

"...put us well ahead of where we could have started on our own."

"I had heard of bots, we weren’t using them. What was important to me is the psychology in the wording of the flows that you use. You had already done months of research into what works. That put us well ahead of where we could have started on our own."


Trevor Graves

" the first 24 hours, we got 8 reviews on the SKU..."

“Hoooooowwwwdy hoooo!!!! Funnel works like a charm 😉 I set it up for three SKUs and on one of the SKUs, in the first 24 hours, we got 8 reviews on the SKU and then 2 reviews on other SKUs (because the people contacted were so happy with us they just went and reviewed our other stuff too!)”


"'s awesome. Over 10 new subscribers since yesterday."

“Getting subscribers with the 'travel' sequence and it's awesome. Over 10 new subscribers since yesterday... This training is awesome. Thanks guys.”



"Very easy to follow sequence!"

“Just completed module #1!! Very easy to follow sequence! I've used ManyChat before but it was too confusing using the platform... I'm going to re-watch and grind some ideas in order to use this to promote my PL and Merch by Amazon business!! Thank you.”


JC Spangler

"...we already have 111 subscribers as of this post!"

“Our first bot went live with a boosted post on the 7 days ago and we already have 111 subscribers as of this post!”

JC Spangler

Hi, I'm Paul, a 7-Figure Seller & Chat Marketing Expert That HATES Sleazy Sales Tactics...

So, here's the thing. I'm not a hard sales-pitch dude. I hate that. I really hate sleazy sales tactics that artificially bump up the price of a course then offer a 90% discount but "only if you buy in the next 60 minutes."

I could do that, but I refuse to do it.

Instead, I Focus On What Has Always Worked & Adapt It To Today's Technology

There are a number of proven fundamentals in business. The people who follow them tend to last. Those that don't follow them don't last.

Here's the short-list:

  • Create a product that solves a problem or fulfills a desire.
  • Deliver it on-time and provide a great customer experience.
  • Tell the story behind your brand and build emotional connections.
  • Stay in touch and make sure your customers love your products. 
  • Get reviews (because reviews reduce risk and improve conversions)

It's simple, but it's not easy to do all of it (and you need to do all of it), especially if you're selling on a platform like Amazon.

That's where chat marketing comes in.  

We started using chat marketing way back in 2016, and it worked like crazy. It worked so well we started showing other sellers how to do it, and we've been the longest running chatbot marketing education platform on the Internet.

The original version of the course was called Messenger Bot University (MBU). It was the first course on the market teaching Amazon Sellers how to:

  • Leverage Messenger chatbots 
  • Build raving audiences
  • Launch and rank products
  • Harvest reviews from past purchasers

It was revolutionary AND it got real-world results.

Naturally, a number of copycat courses eventually showed up. Some are good, some are not, but none of them can compete with the what we've just released...

Chat Marketing University (CMU)

CMU is our latest chat marketing program and it's filled with the new and innovative strategies you can use right now to launch your products, get reviews, and rank while staying well-within the ever-changing Terms of Service.

With all of the courses out there, you might be wondering what makes CMU different.

If you were to line up all the programs and courses on the market, here's the main difference...

The Strategies, Tactics, and Templates In Chat Marketing University Are Created, Tested, and Proven Inside My Own 7-Figure Amazon Business

I'm a seller first and an educator second (because there's no substitute for leading by example).

I put in the time in my own business, then I invested the time, the testing, and the methodical effort required to ensure Chat Marketing University is the best. That's all there is to it. 

If you want the best information, the best strategies, and the best tactics available today from actual sellers, keep reading to see what's included inside of CMU.

You May Have Seen Me Or My Amazon Business...

Here's What's Waiting For You Inside of Chat Marketing University

Tool Kits For Every Level of Experience with Bots

Tool Kits make it easy to understand how to use the different Chat Marketing Tools at your disposal inside of ManyChat.

CMU includes three Tool Kits including Basic, Moderate, and Complex, so you can start in exactly the right place.

5 Proven Modules Designed To Get Real Results

There are also 5 Modules that walk you through the strategies I have tested, improved, and tested again not just in my own business but in many other businesses as well.

  1. Welcome Module | Mindset | Chatbot Basics
  2. Growing and Understanding Your Ideal Customer Persona
  3. Massive Subscriber Growth & Engagement ($749 value)
  4. Latest Launch & Rank Strategies ($749 value)
  5. Reviews on Autopilot ($749 value)

The Mindset Behind the Strategies

The best part is that I don't just teach you the strategies. I give you the mindset and psychology behind the strategies.

As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." This alone is worth the cost of investment.

3 Months Of Office Hours With Paul

3 months of Office Hours (live meetings) + Facebook Group Access:
$300 (standalone price)

Private Grad Students Facebook Group

Join other CMU students inside our private Facebook Group.  Ask your questions, share what's working, and connect with your fellow Chat Marketing University alumni.

Let's Start Getting Results Right Now!

If you've already realized you can't afford to sit back while your competition plans and perfects their own chat marketing strategies, and you've decided to get in front of the wave instead of being left behind, then you probably realize their is no better time to start than right now.

Yes, We're Experts

We've been working with chatbots since they came out in 2016 and were the first Chatbot Marketing Automation training out there (yeah, we even beat Ezra AND ManyChat in getting a course up).

To date we are the longest-running chat marketing education platform online, with thousands of successful students. 

We are Amazon Sellers like you (Paul is a 7 figure Seller and has been selling since 2015). We first began by experimenting in our businesses then implementing in others' through our training in CMU (formerly Messenger Bot University) and private consulting.

Unlike other courses on Chatbots, we're not just marketers with no skin in the game, we're expert sellers teaching other sellers how to be experts too.

ManyChat Messenger Marketing Expert

Launch, Rank, & Scale Your eComm Business Using The Proven Power of Chat Marketing

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